Tournament Rules


All FOS Footgolf Tournament Rules will be loaded soon.


REGISTRATION FOR THE EVENT: You can register as part of a team or as an individual player. All individual player registrations will be automatically assigned a team just before the event. There are a limited number of spots/teams available. Registration ends on 8/24/17 or when 340 participants have registered.  (Whichever comes first.)

Register for the event here.


1) Have fun on the course!

2) Absolutely NO CLEATS! Must wear indoor turf or tennis shoes on the course.

3) Rule of play will follow the basic rules for McDaniel Footgolf found here.

4) Average of best 2 scores from individual group will be placed on scorecard for each hole.

5) Final tie-breakers will come from individual scores on pre-determined holes set by Tournament Director.

6) No playing from or interference on regular golf course.  

7) No foul or inappropriate language at the event.

8) Direction from tournament staff must be adhered to.

9) Rules may be altered or changed at any time. All decisions from Tournament Director are final.



What is Footgolf?



Footgolf is a relatively new sport and is exactly as it sounds!  Combining two sports - soccer and golf!  


Players "tee up" on an 18 hole course just like they would on a regular golf course.  The difference? Instead of using clubs and a small golf ball - you use your feet and a standard size soccer ball.  The object is simple: Use the least amount of "kicks" or "shots" to get your soccer ball into a 22 inch hole or cup!  


Fun Fact: The first "official" footgolf tournament took place in the Netherlands in the year 2009 and since then has grown in wold-wide popularity! 

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